Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Sooo much excitement!!! Ten things that are currenly blessing my life.....

#1. We sold the house!!! We closed on the 24th and moved into our totally adorable, homey, comfortable, perfect for us rental on the eve of the 24th. What a blessing to surrender to God's will and call on our lives!!!

#2. We have moved back to this little, quaint town just east of us. We LOOOVE it!!! Within hours of moving in one of the neighbors came over and introduced himself and his family. We lived on our old cul-de-sac for about three years and never once did our neighbors come over to introduce themselves let alone talk to us. It was soo refreshing. We also had the opportunity to invite said neighbor to our church on two seperate occasions while moving in. Then I get up on stage sunday morning to sing on the worship team and I see them sitting in the pew. You can't tell me that us moving wasn't in Gods plan!!!! THEN on sunday evening we met another sweet neighbor lady! Love Love LOVE our little cul-de-sac already!

#3. I am absolutely exhausted and tired of moving but we are almost done! The pile of boxes is getting smaller and smaller! Thank you Lord for blessing me with TONS of energy even when I feel like I can't move one more thing.

#4. Since we have moved we are one step closer to starting foster care! We might be getting involved with a foster to adopt situation but nothing is set in stone yet. TONS of hurdles to jump but I know that God has a plan! :) The sounds of little feet in my home already blesses me and already brings waves of prayer for our future children whether permanant or temporary.

#5. Another thing I love about being back in this sweet little town is living close to all of our youth kids again!!! Ryan and I have an open door policy with all of them and have already had the pleasure of two kiddos gracing our couch! Makes my heart smile!!! Those kids are the beat of my heart and bless me unendingly.

#6. Ryan and I have been eating more clean and healthy since December of last year. We aren't always amazing at it but we try our best. Our bodies are a temple of Christ and we are doing our best to take care of it! We both recently got FitBits and have faithfully been using myfitnesspal. It's a slow journey but we didn't get where we are overnight so we can't expect to loose it all in a night. It's an everyday choice and we are finally starting to see results! I find myself craving a good workout and even a year ago I wouldn't have been caught dead saying that! Blessed with motivation to get healthy!!!

#7. I had been applying for a promotion at work. (Four times now) and Four times now God has clearly shut that door. It's such a revelation in life when we have clarity and vision. Thank you Lord for blessing me. I know we belong here. I know YOU have called us to serve our community and be a light in the darkness. I know you want us to show our city YOU! Thank you Lord for guiding me and blessing me with an undying passion to seek you!!!

#8. The hubster has a birthday this week! AND we celebrate our eighth anniversary on June 11th. I am soo completely blessed by my marriage and my husband.

#9. I have twice now read the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan (I always want to type Jackie instead of Francis) it has taught me soo much and grown me into such a stronger Christian. I think I am going to have to read it again soon. It's such a "meaty" book I feel like every time I read it I catch something new that I missed before. It brings to light such a concept of community within the church and really grows the idea of doing life together as a church body. I am blessed by my church!

#10. I have recently started to get to know some new (to me) ladies within my church and I couldn't be more blessed! I really hope to continue to grow these friendships.

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